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HedoVibes Round Up #45

HedoVibes Round Up #45

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Sqweel Go USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator

was kind enough to send me the Sqweel USB Oral Sex Stimulator. The toy is rechargable via USB, which means you can plug it into the wall with an adaptor or your computer (that’s how I charged mine for kicks).

I’d seen reviews online of oral sex stimulators so I was a bit dubious about its claim. I’m happy to report that I had no reason to worry. The Sqweel delivers almost exactly what it claims to. I cannot say that it perfectly simulates oral sex but the way it stimulates my body is in no way like any other toy I have. There are six speeds and patterns that control how the ten silicone tongues caress you. I found that the second steady speed was what did it for me. The first speed, the slowest, was a great warm up and the third speed was so fast it felt like a vibrator.
What makes this toy unique is the break in contact. Although contact is broken for less than a second between each tongue it’s enough to make me squirm, giving a feeling that vibrations cannot; a feeling that there is clearly something moving around my clitoris. Quite frankly, it’s a feeling that I didn’t know a toy could deliver.

The Sqweel USB is 3 inches in length which made it an excellent candidate for hiding in my tiny bathroom drawer without being found. It’s so compact that I could fit it in my zipper wallet and carry around with me in my backpack when I travel. Unfortunately, in order to get one hour of play the Sqweel needs to charge for two hours. This is not a huge con, but it is a very long charging time for such little play time. It is fully waterproof and does require a good amount of lube to keep it licking without friction.

The Sqweel mimics a tongue flicking rather than constant contact which is what worked for me. If you’re a woman who enjoys flicks versus swirls and strokes on your clitoris, you’ll get off with this toy. And regardless of your gender, or lack thereof, this toy can be used to stimulate your nipples and anus.

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