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HedoVibes Round Up #53

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Now I can fuck YOU!

Sparepart’s Joque Strap-on Harness was my first harness ever. This toy delivers what it’s advertised: “The only harness you’ll need.” After taking this baby for a ride I quite believe them.  I received the harness through Goodvibes, in exchange for an honest review.  I was interested in the Joque harness because of the thick belt and the placement of the straps that go under my butt. I thought it would make for a comfortable wear. (I was right.) What was especially fun about this harness is that I can still wear sexy panties under it. A thong gives it one look while cheekies give it a completely other look, much more versatile than strap on that are constructed to look like panties. The strap around the waist is nice and thick and gave me the control I needed to thrust. The band is also a bit stretchy which makes it even easier for it to look good on my curvy frame.

A blogger said that “Spareparts realizes that people don’t come in “one size fits all” andthat is very true. The Joque harness comes in sizes A and B, each one giving a wide range of sizes within it’s size class. Although there are a few areas of one’s body to measure for the right fit, it is well worth the extra trouble (and let’s be serious here, it’s not that much trouble at all). Each each strap is adjustable within each size group. There is velcro around the waist and the straps resemble a bra strap. The harness is made of velcro, nylon and spandex, giving all parts of the harness just enough room to accommodate your body and your toy.
Get this: it’s moisture wicking. Yeah, as in the kind of shirt athletes work out in. And, it’s waterproof which means you can take it in the shower and get all sorts of fun liquid on it. Oh, believe me, there will be fun liquid because there are two pockets for a bullet vibrator (not to mention the double dildo you both can wear). One on the top and one on the bottom. Then you just throw it in the wash and hang it dry; seriously, it can’t get much easier than that! Stretchable O-ring. Fits up to 2″

One of the fun little quirks of this harness is that it’s vegan and ethically manufactured. Honestly, I wasn’t aware that a harness could be non-vegan but I’ve recently decided to try going vegan again so this was an added bonus to my body (veganism I can wear!).


Let’s just pretend I wasn’t the one who put this condom on the Captain.

When I thrust I felt like my dick was going to stay in one place (which was very reassuring considering dicks are not supposed to fall off). I tried first with Bullseye (girth: 1 1/4″ at the base) and next with the Captain (girth: 1 7/8″) both were an easy fit through the stretchy material that takes the place of the standard rubber or metal O-rings. Don’t take stretchy to mean that it isn’t stable. On the contrary, trying to shove a dildo through the front (which some genius *cough cough* did before reading the instructions) is exceptionally difficult but pushing it through the back isn’t so bad.The key to a larger toy is to stick a condom over it and insert it from behind. That makes it so much easier to put on. If that made no sense to you, you can check out this video on the Spareparts website that explain putting on dildos. 

On top of all these wonderful features, the Spareparts Joque harness has an optional opening (as in, the two pieces of overlapping material come together to make there be no opening) which allows the user to wear a double ended dildo like the Feeldoe or the Nexus Double Dildo. Joque will hold the double dildo in place, giving both partners (or partners… or roomful of lovers) a wonderful ride.

Another creative use of this harness would be for the people interested in “pack and play.” While I have no experience with it I have in good confidante that the Joque will do the trick (just ask Good Vibes).


IMG_2223Simply put, this harness is the shit. I’m so lucky I started out with such a great one. While I’m sure I will try more, I certainly won’t need to.


If you are only going to own one harness, the Spareparts Joque is the one you should get. Thank you Good Vibes, it was my pleasure 😉