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REVIEW: UMA by Je Joue

IMG_2302The Uma by Je Joue is a looker that offers more than one way to pleasure oneself. Mine came in pink, my favorite color, but is also offered black, fuchsia and Je Joue’s “signature color purple” for those lovely ladies who are not comfortable with the gender-specific color pink. I was drawn to the Uma because I am a fan of anything g-spot, always on the lookout for a toy that will, one day soon, make me squirt. While the Uma wasn’t that special toy, it was an excellent way to stimulate the favorite part of my body. The curve is delicate yet pronounced enough to place pressure on my g-spot. I had the option of turning the toy on during internal stimulation, cycling through all of the “7 power levels on each of the 7 different pulse patterns.”

I’ve never had a toy as rumbly as the Uma on the first five or so setting. I am happy to report that I am a newfound fan of the rumbly vibrator. Although Je Joue says that the rumbly setting is “subtle” I’d have to disagree. On the first setting it is, and that didn’t give me enough stimulation to reach the grand finale but the third setting was plenty. I did take it through all levels, however, and the Uma’s high vibrations were almost too strong. Almost, I stress, and that’s just my easily overstimulated clitoris.

IMG_2298The Uma isn’t restricted to just being a clitoral stimulating toy. The curve ends in a subtle bulb that stimulated my g-spot both through thrusting and through the vibrations. I found that the rumbly of the two extremes of the vibration setting worked the best for me but every vagina is different.

I do want to stress that you must use lube with this toy. The silicone is grabby (but smooth and seamless!), nothing a little non-silicone-based lubricant can’t fix. The blurb about the Uma says that it is a quiet toy. This is partially true. The higher setting release a high-pitched noise that can be heard through the comforter but most likely not through the walls; nothing that turning on a fan for white noise can’t fix for those concerned. It takes two hours to completely charge the Uma for a total of two hours of play, much better than many (but not all) other rechargeable toys.

The Uma is easy to use. It comes with three buttons, two of which are magnetic for charging the toy. The middle button that IMG_2300has a squiggly ( ~ ) symbol operates the seven different pulse patterns while the other two buttons ( – ) and ( + ) increase and decrease the intensity of the vibrations. It’s also 100% water-proof, giving you more ways and locations in which to have fun and can be used in the bath (which I recommend–watching the water move with the Uma is so much fun!). It is 7 ½” x 1 ¾” making it it one of the longer insertable vibrators out there. 

IMG_2296The black box that the toy comes in is accented by Je Joue’s name and symbol in white that stands out. The box is sufficient for using it as a storage device but, because the toy is non-porous, it won’t soak up other toys colors so the Uma is going in a box with my other toys for sake of storage space. But by all means, if you have room for the box it is beautiful in its simplicity.



The Uma is a g-spot friendly, internal and external vibrator that is 100% waterproof and rechargeable. You can’t go wrong with this one. IMG_2299


The Uma by Je Joue  was provided to me by the awesome folks at Good Vibrations in exchange for an honest review. Good Vibes, it was my pleasure.