Le Advertising


Le Advertising shall commence!

I am open to paid reviews if you don’t have an affiliate program, however, the paid review isn’t a guarantee that it will be a positive reviews.

My rates are as followed and payment for them must be up front:

I allow sponsored posts for $100/post as long as they are written by me. They will be marked as “sponsored,” “guest posts,” or something similar in the title. The post may not contain more than two links and banners count as a link. The two links must go to the same domain. There will be no more than two links; more than that constitutes another post and will cost as such.

Note that my rates are subject to chance due to increasing or decreasing in popularity. If you feel my rates are unfair, do contact me to make me an offer. However, know that I know what my advertisement is worth based on my site traffic.

The table below shows you what I offer for text links, which will go in the sidebar under “Le Linking Sites” (to be added) or under “Le Porn”.  I generally arrange these however they look best.

 Month to Month $8.00
Three Months $20.00
Six Months $38.00
One Year $75.00

The below rates are for a 125 x 25 non-affiliate banner. These go with the other banners on the sidebar under “Le Sex Shops”.

Month to Month $10.00
Three Months $27.00
Six Months $50.00
One Year $95.00

The below rates are for 250 x 125 non-affiliate banner. These are placed under “Share le Sex Shop Love” on the sidebar.

 Month to Month  $12.00
 Three Months  $32.00
 Six Months  $60.00
 One Year $115.00


My preferred method of payment is Google Wallet though I will consider PayPal.