Buy OHB’s Panties

OHB-Garter pantiesWhelp, I’m doing it. I’m finally selling my worn panties. Here’s how this is going to go down:

1. You message me with a request

2. I agree to it, you send payment, and I ship them to you.

3. You’ll have three days to pay via the Paypal invoice I send to you labeled “used clothing.”

4. I will seal them in a ziplock bag as soon as I’ve completed your request.

5.  Shipping in the US included

6. I will wear the panties per your request while I wait for the payment.

7. You can pick which panties you want me to wear here: If you want me to go old school, you can request a pair of plain, white, cotton panties at $5/pair.

8. You will get a photo of me wearing the panties upon payment and proof that I’m sending them to you via photo.

9. Use the contact form here for requests.

**Message me with special requests and, if I agree, the prices will be discussed**

More in depth (all of these are priced per one pair of panties):

  • Each pair of panties worn for 24 hours will be sold for $30. For each additional day worn, add $5. Panties will be worn no more than three days, unless we come to an agreement. For a specific type of panty (for instance: boy shorts, bikini) and color add $10.
  • Urine soaked panties: $60 Once they’ve been urinated in, I will take them off and ship them to you. $5 for every additional day worn. They will have been worn, before urination, the time we’ve discussed. No additional cost for plain, white cotton panties.
  • If you want panties that I have cum in, the price is going to go up to $70 per panties, with no additional cost for the plain, cotton panties. If you want a specific kind of panties you can send them to me via my wishlist. There won’t be semen involved. If you have a toy in mind you’d like me to masturbate with, with the panties pulled to the side or a vibrator used externally, you can get the toy for me here$5/ every day worn past 24 hours.

Happy sniffing!