They come in peace–says the Alien dildo exploring my vagina.

Should I believe them? I’m inclined to. The Alien by Fleshlight is a crazy cool toy. You all know me–I can’t pass up a weird-ass dildo, especially from the Freaks line by Fleshlight. I’ve reviewed the Zombie dick (Swoon), the Dracula dildo, and now the Alien. The line is almost complete, and I am determined to finish this line of awesome-possum toys. This review will focus a lot on the make of the toy rather than how the toy feels because that mother fucker is thick

Looking at the Alien on Fleshlight’s site I didn’t see how big it was. That thing has some girth. As you know by now, my eyes are bigger than my vagina and that can sometimes be a problem. In this case, it was a problem but it was entirely my fault and had nothing to do with the make of the toy.

The “woot!” of the Alien Dildo

  • The color. OMG the color is beautiful. This dildo is a shade I’ve never seen before. The Alien Dildo is a nice break from the traditional pink toys that dominate the sex toy industry.
  • The size is going to go in both the “Woot!” and the “Eh…” section. The Alien Dildo may please size queens but it was too painful for me to love it.
  • The Zombie is the most textured toy I own but the Alien Dildo is textured enough to please those of you that like texture.
  • It’s easy to thrust with, being that it has such big balls.
  • Like the Dracula Dildo it has bumps where hair would naturally be which can be cool…

The “eh” of the Alien Dildo

  • It’s not tapered well enough for it to go comfortably in me. It’s a bit of a surprise when I tried to insert it. I couldn’t just ram it in and get going. However, once it was in, it was in.
  • It’s quite large, too large to fit in me comfortably.

Who would like the Alien Dildo toy?

Don’t think the Alien Dildo is right for you?

Would I recommend the Alien Dildo?