Kelvin: Ice Dragon Featuring Nox Bad Dragon

Nox the Night Drakedsc00999

You’ve seen me review Crackers and Scorn the Wyvern. After I posted these reviews Bad Dragon wanted to continue working with me. So the next toy they sent me was Nox. Holy. Fucking. Shit. That thing was huge. Like, too big for me to even get the whole tip of the toy in me. They were kind enough to take pity on my vagina and they sent me Kelvin the Ice Dragon to review instead.

I wanted to address Nox quickly. I opted for the medium firmness because I thought (hoped) that it would make taking the toy inside of me easier. The problem was the size of the toy, not the firmness. It was just too fucking big and that was my fault. You’d think after reviewing a few times for them I’d learned my lesson: these toys can get HUGE.

But, alas, I got excited and my eyes are bigger than my vagina so…problem. I did, however, love squeezing it. While I got the Kelvin in the softest firmness (that sounds silly) the medium firmness was just as much fun to play with (externally). Because I didn’t get a cumtube with Nox I was able to request a suction bottom and it works wonderfully, just like Crakers did, when my friend stuck it to his head and pretended to be a “human-corn.”

Kelvin the Ice Dragondsc00998

Bad Dragon, thank you so much for sending me Kelvin to review instead. There was no way I was going to get Nox inside of me.

Kelvin the Ice Dragon was probably the first BD toy I got that was close to what I needed. If you’ve read my other reviews by now you’ve learned that Bad Dragon makes custom toys, from the firmness, the option for a cumtube/cumlube, suction base, colors. Quite honestly, it’s hard to go wrong when you know your body. Though I keep getting the wrong size (totes my fault) I hope these reviews shed some light on what to expect.

Like Scorn I opted for a cumtube. Bad Dragon sells cumlube that looks like, well, cum, and the toy ejaculates it. I’ve found that the cumtube, for me, is inconvenient, while at the same time being fucking awesome. For instance, the cumtube is a bitch to clean if you’re lazy like I am. However, the cumtube keeps you lubed up when you depress the syringe, as a real dick would. Then, at the end, you’re able to go stuff yourself (or your boobs, or pubes, or ass) with Bad Dragon’s cumlube and BOOM, you’re a sexy hot mess. Though I wouldn’t go for the cumtube every time (I like the suction cup better) it’s super fun to use.

I’ve seen great feedback on Reddit about the cumtube and I know that it’s a huge hit.

How I fucked it

The first think I did when I got the Kelvin was squeeze the shit out of it. I love feeling what I’m in for and as soon as I fondled it a tad I knew I was in for a comfy treat. While I wasn’t able to get the bump at the bottom in me I found that I didn’t need to. In fact, what felt the best was the tip of the toy and the ridge underneath the head. I focused on the pressure on my g-spot more than I did on taking the bump however, the ridges on the back of the dildo were amazing. I’ve mentioned before that I like stimulating my perineum–not only dick-owners get pleasure from this–and that was the bomb.

I turned Kelvin around so that the ridges on the back of the dildo were facing up against my pelvic bone. Uh, more, please. The feeling I got from the ridges against my g-spot were similar to the Tantus Flurry, though these bumps didn’t end at the head of the toy. They continued on through the “back” of the toy and to the base. I felt comfortably full at the bump and focused on a-spot thumping and g-spot whacking.

My a-spot was something I discovered when I was 16, the first time I had sex, and, consequently, bruised my cervix. I loved having a dick rammed up inside of me but I have difficulty stimulating that deep pressure point with firmer toys without pain. The Kelvin, though, was uber squishy which meant that the bumping against my cervix didn’t hurt at all. You’d think, looking at it, that the head has the potential to be painful for me, because of the sharp point. NOPE. Not so. I fucking loved that thing.

Kelvin’s physical appearance

As usual, I asked Bad Dragon to surprise me with the color of the toy. They worked this one beautifully. Word on the street is my favorite sex toy color is black and they took that and ran with it. My Kelvin has the image of cum coming out of it and it’s on a firmer base that sparkles gold and black. Beautiful, as usual, which means that it’s displayed proudly on my desk, along with the Nox and my Zombie dildo while I write my artwork that is the equivalent of my vagina as text. Beautiful, if I do say so myself.

Whelp, what are you waiting for?

As I said before, don’t forget that these toys are fucking huge, though some now have a “mini” size. Fortunately, Bad Dragon sizes their toys next to a soda can. Unfortunately for me, I keep not caring. If you want something nice and large, try the Nox, that thing scared the fuck out of me but it may put the fuck in you.

If you’re looking for something with a similar ridge, that’s doesn’t ejaculate, you may consider the Boss, a monster toy compared to the Kelvin Small, but with the same design where it matter. However, there hasn’t been a (non-Bad Dragon) toy I’ve reviewed so far aside from the Mustang that I can jam in my vag without the fear of hurting myself. Though I’ve come across several that make me less nervous, the Kelvin truly owns in that respect.

Keeping in mind what works with your body, I think you’ll find what works for you with Bad Dragon.