Giveaway! Carnal Machines Steampunk Erotica

Hello my beautiful sex-fiends! Cleis and I are giving away the AWESOME, scifi/steampunk erotica, Carnal Machines. Enter below for a chance to win and come back tomorrow– you can enter again! Good luck 🙂book_image

Full Power Erotica
For such a tightly laced age, Victorians spent a lot of time thinking about things carnal—proving, of course, that what is repressed will be even more exciting once the corset is unlaced. In Carnal Machines, D.L. King has curated stories by outstanding contemporary erotica writers who use the enthralling possibilities of the 19th century steam age to tease and titillate in a decadent fusing of technology and romance.

In Teresa Noelle Roberts’ “Human Powered,” a widowed lady engineer invents a small device that can store the energy from sexual frustration to provide total satisfaction. Poe Von Page delights with a crew sailing the solar winds of space, in unusual service to their new captain in “Mutiny on the Danika Blue.”

Carnal Machines takes you to another world filled with brothels, flying machines, steam-powered sex toys, manor houses and spiritualist societies—even Doctor Watson makes a house call. Fantastic, fantasy-filled and stoked to full power, Carnal Machines is a steamy read that guarantees many happy endings. If you can’t wait another moment for this book, click on the Amazon link below

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