My first g-spot rabbit vibrator!

Oh! Rabbit side

Let me begin: The Oh! Rabbit is the first rabbit vibrator I had ever tried (at the time of this review, one of my first). Why did I wait so long to try one? I’d heard much about them but it wasn’t all good press. My mother said that they would tear my vagina, something I learned through this toy is not true, especially if you slather it with lube. I’m not willing to put my vagina at risk by testing this particular question.

The Good:

Oh! Rabbit close up of rabbit ears

It’s crazy how many things this g-spot rabbit vibrator can do. There are three components to the g-spot rabbit vibrator: rotating metal beads in the middle of the shaft, oscillating g-spot tip and two little bunny ears that tease the clitoris.   

You know the “personal massagers” they sell in drugstores with a picture of a woman in the shower holding the vibrator to her back? This could be described as a personal massager, though it looks absolutely nothing like this toy. Still, the oscillating tip felt like I was being given an internal massage. It didn’t stimulate my  g-spot constantly because I had to hold the rabbit at an odd angle to reach the part of my clitoris that felt pleasurable but not too intense that it hurt. When it did stimulate my g-spot, it hit the spot right on target, as long as I held it right. Quite frankly, it was better than fingers. 

The beads of the Oh! G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator were…funny. I didn’t feel them very strongly of the
vibrations and I kept the vibrator going because that was the only possible way I was going to get off. The oscillating tip and rotating beads was not enough to do the deed. I actually did not like to “slide the vibrator in and out” because the rotating tip made that uncomfortable. Besides, thrusting distracted from the three sensations; adding a fourth was just too much. The pamphlet that comes with the toy says that if you turn the Oh! Rabbit upside down you can use the ears as an external butt toy. True story.

Another wonderful thing about rabbits is that I’ve found I can be stimulated to orgasm without vibrations; just thrusting deep and fast enough that the ears hit my clit. While I wasn’t able to do achieve the “no hands, no vibrations” orgasm, it is quite possible to work for you.

This can be a partner toy as well. While on the surface it doesn’t seem to be, but two or more people can enjoy this toy. When fingers get tired, this toy can take over. If she (or he) needs a sensation fingers can’t provide, or vibrations on their clit, this toy will seal the deal. Using the g-spot rabbit vibrator on your partner gives you a great deal of control over them, which could make this toy a bit of a power play, if that’s what you’re going for. The Oh! G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator can also be used on men.

Let’s Get Physical:  

Oh! Rabbit Buttons

The weird-ass buttons on the Oh! G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

It’s a 10” internal vibrator with 4 1/2” insertable. It’s a lovely violet color, a nice break from all the pink I had in the mail. Afterwards I kept taking it out of my secret storage box (picture organizing box) to look at the color. It’s flexible but is solid enough to feel good, not able to quite bend it (the beads get in the way). The buttons are great, easy to press and in order to turn off the movement (oscillations, vibrations, and rotations) you simply hold down the bottom button with the wavy lines (that stand for vibrations).

There are three speeds of vibrations, the lowest almost being too much for me to take so I wasn’t able to comfortably go beyond the first (at most, second) speed.

There are four buttons total. The top two control the speed of the oscillation and the middle button determines which way the beads rotate. Unlike some other rabbits I’ve seen, the beads are not floating. Rather, they’re attached to metal arms that keep them stationary while the arms rotate–something that was quite effective.

The four buttons on the toy are easy to navigate. However, if you can’t remember which buttons do what you’re going to have to take a quick look–that’s where a partner (can) come in handy.

Also, it takes three AA batteries (you unscrew the bottom to load the vibrator) which I did not love. But, hey, it’s not the worst thing in the world. I just prefer rechargeable.

Oh! Rabbit on side

 The Bad of the Lovehoney G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator: 

It’s loud. Like, if this vibrator could it’d be the volume of someone whispering in the theater, louder than they think they are but slightly quieter than an outright YELLING.  I put music on and covered my turtles terrarium and when I took away the blanket that boy was glaring at me. He doesn’t appreciate much noise and either the music or the vibrator bothered him (my bad, your highness).

Who would this toy suit? 

Anyone new to rabbit vibrators. The awesome thing about Lovehoney is that they have a 365 day return policy, no questions asked. If the toy doesn’t work for you, return it and try again. I’d suggest one of the Greedy Girl Rabbit or the Tracey Cox Supersex Rabbit to try on for size (I’ve reviewed them both).


Rabbit that moves three ways. If you don’t find one of them works for you, you still have two other options with which to jack off. 

Thank you to Love Honey for sending me the Oh! Rabbit. It was a pleasure 😉

   lovehoney banner

Did this review help you? I’d love it if you’d consider purchasing your future toys from my affiliates. At no extra cost to you, your purchase supports my blog! Go go go check them out. I wouldn’t list them if I didn’t like them.






Ease of Use





  • Beautiful Color
  • 3 unique sensations
  • Multiple patterns and speeds


  • Not


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