Bi-Stronic by Fun Factory Review

Bi-Stronic by Fun Factory Review


Prepare Your Vagina, Bi-Stronic Coming Through

Allow me to begin…

by telling you how freaking excited I was about the Bi-Stronic by Fun Factory. I’ve had wonderful experiences with the Stronic Zwei so I was bouncing up and down, waiting for this to arrive in the mail. Whelp, it arrived, I charged it, turned it on and…FLOP. I considered making a video of me using this on my lovely hairy vulva but I decided that it wasn’t work the effort. Quite frankly, this toy didn’t live up to the hype that my vagina and clit was hoping for. However, that is not a reflection of Fun Factory as a manufacturer. They have some seriously good shit out there.

That being said, let’s start with the positive aspects of the Bi-Stronic pulsator by Fun Factory

The Good

  • It’s a fucking Pulsator, a toy with magnets in the core that bounce back and forth, powering the toy and propelling it in and out of le vagina or asshole. Because it has an arm it is anal-safe; as in, if you use it safely with the arm attached, it won’t get sucked up the black whole that is one’s asshole.
  • It’s light pink. I know, I know, pink is overrated. But this pink is all soft like cotton candy and let me tell you something: I like cotton candy.
  • The patterns are the bomb. You can have the rabbit ears vibrate at the speed of light while the body gently thrusts against le g-spot. Alternatively, the toy can pulsate like a dog going after a car, while the ears buzz like a fucking bee.
  • It has an easy “on/off” switch so when–hypothetically–your sister comes home unexpectedly and knocks on your door while the Bi-Stronic is fucking you, you can quickly turn it off and pretend you were reading, not getting off to a toy that fucks you like there’s no tomorrow.
  • The quality is sound, as to be expected from Fun Factory. The body and rabbit ears were coated with silicone, a body-safe material that is safe to be in your body.

The not so good things about the Bi-Stronic

  • It wasn’t made for my body, which doesn’t mean it ain’t made for yours. The ears hit the top of the shaft of my clit. While that is an awesome spot to stimulate when I’m about to come but don’t want to quite yet, it was too fucking buzzy to do much of anything
  • Since the ears didn’t do shit for me, I kept trying to squeeze another vibrator between my clit and the ears so I could get off while the toy fucked me back and forth. I failed. My vibrator and my body were sad. I eventually ended up finishing myself off with the Rave by We-Vibe pressed up again my clit and a Fucking Sculpture inside of me, rocking up and down to stimulate my g-spot.

What I learned about my body by using the Bi-Stronic

Not all rabbit ears are made for my wonderful body. The part of my clit that can get me off is closer to the opening of my vagina than I originally thought. I know now that I need to look for a toy that has rabbit ears closer to the base of my clit.The Prism would be a good example of this, as would the Nova, which keeps in contact with my clit no matter how I thrust.

Who would like the Bi-Stronic?

Someone into buzzy vibrations more than rumbly vibrations. Someone who is willing to take the risk that the rabbit ears may not fit with their anatomy. Someone who can throw their hands in the air and yell, “screw the vibrations, I want the thrusting!” and then spend the monies on this toy instead of the Stronic Zwei. This toy isn’t going to suck for everyone. If you know your body well, and you think this would work for your anatomy. I’ve found that buzzy isn’t always bad, especially when the toy offers other pleasurable parts as well; the pros often outweigh the cons for my body.

As far as buzzy goes, it’s quite intense. Sometimes it feels more intense when it’s buzzy, it’s just pretty much impossible for me to get off on those vibrations.

The (Semi) Boring shit

  • NBD but this toy can thrust. Like, it fucking does the work for you. This is perfect for someone who is as lazy as I am when it comes to masturbation
  • The shaft and ears are coated with silicone, a body-safe material
  • 64 ways to experience this toy (so says the Fun Factory website). I didn’t have the patience to experience all 64, primarily b/c I couldn’t hold off that long, but the possibilities are seemingly endless so you’re bound to find something you like
  • This puppy is waterproof which means you can have some fun in the shower, like I have done countless times
  • Rechargeable; future generations will thank you for helping keep their environment clean and safe
  • The handle of the toy and the buttons are made out of ABS plastic, a body safe material which the body of the toy is silicone.
  • Super quick on/off switch


Would I use it again and/or recommend it to peeps?

I’m sticking with my Stronic Zwei, thank you very much. It was worth a try but the only reason I don’t regret using this toy is because I didn’t spend my monies on it. If I had, I’d be super-fucking pissed off. I’m torn, I really am about whether or not I’d advocated buying this toy. It’s a toss-up, plain and simple, where it didn’t work for me but may be an epic toy for you.

Check out some other blogger’s reviews of this toy then hop on back to me and comment with any questions you have. Like I said, just because I didn’t like this toy doesn’t mean you won’t. You’ll see that not all of them had my experience; some of these lovely bloggers absolutely loved this toy while others have the same complaints as me.

Don’t think this toy is right for you?

That’s okay, I forgive you. If you want simple pulsations that stimulate the g-spot while leaving room for a vibrator that suits your style, you should consider giving the Stronic Zwei a try. If you’re not into pulsators but love rabbit vibes, I’ve had great success with the Greedy Girl and the Supersex Rabbit, both of which stimulate both the g-spot and your clit; they were perfect for my body.

If you just want g-spot stimulation, give a g-spotting dildo a try like the Pure Wand for something seriously intense or, if you want something a bit tamer, consider the Rosa or Prism; the Rosa being a toy that can stimulate your g-spot and/or clit with rumbly vibrations.

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TMI Tuesday: Was That It?

Have a nice picture before I begin with today’s TMI Tuesday:

@sexualhappiness supersex vibe I’m reviewing. 🤗

A photo posted by Rose (@on_her_back) on

1. Have you ever had bad sex? Why do you think it was bad?

It was bad because I just fucking laid there. It wasn’t that I was tired, I just wanted to have sex, wasn’t in the mood, and didn’t even try which, looking back, was quite unfortunate.
2. Have you ever given bad sex? Why did that happen?

See above, because I sucked. Or, rather, possibly because I didn’t suck.
3. What instantly puts you in a bad mood?

Asking to do things that they see in porn. i.e. coming on my face and using porn while we’re having sex to stay aroused.
4. Have you been hurt during a sexual activity? What was the activity? How were you hurt or injured?

Trying to shove butt plugs when le ass isn’t ready. I just get so frustrated and I want to stick it in me so I can write the fucking reviews that I just shove it in and then OW and then I can’t write a good review :(
5. During sex, what instantly turns you off?

Someone asking to come on my face. Or, even worse, someone coming on my face without my permission. How about I pump some Bad Dragon Cum Lube in me and sit on your face, too?
6. Bad sex–is there really such a thing?

Oh fuck yeah, and I’ve given, and received, plenty of it.

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TMI Tuesday: Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung! Supposedly the warmer weather makes us want to strip down and get down. Tell TMI Tuesday blog about your sexy spring. And once you read mine, comment and tell me what your answers would be!

1. Do you shave and what do you shave?

Yep. If I don’t my mother and sister get on my case about shaving. I’ve started being embarrassed by my body hair now because of that. And, let’s face it, it’s frowned upon that a woman would be hairy and showing the hair. That makes me sef-conscious and I wish it wouldn’t.

I get my pubic hair waxed with a nice, big triangle every so often but that shit be too expensive to do it regularly. Too much pubic hair and I get embarrassed and too little I get embarrassed. I have a love-hate relationship with my pubic hair. I’m more forgiving with leg and armpit hair.

2. Do you or would you have sex with the windows open in the spring?

Oh, fuck yeah I would. I never used to because there are so many kids around but they’re not going to know what the wet slapping of bodies and moans mean. As for the shades: Since I’m on the third floor I’d keep the blinds open just for kicks once or twice and see how I like it.

3. Does your body confidence improve as the weather gets warmer and you body is less covered?

As long as I don’t have leg/armpit hair I feel pretty confident while wearing less. I wish I could go topless like the men, though.

4. Does warmer weather turn you on?

I def like seeing all that skin. Not only does it turn me on to see other people in less clothing, it turns me on to see me in less clothing, with my shaved legs on display.

5. Love, romance, and sex. For you, which of these gets better in spring?

Sex because that’s all I have energy for.

Bonus: Thinking of a current relationship that is important to you, what “Spring cleaning” needs to be done? Meaning– Assess what serves you–what to you want to keep, what do you want to throw away?

I need to throw away all the fucking trash on my floor, make my beds, and buy sexy panties because I haven’t done that in….like almost a year. Yeah, it’s def time for new panties. *Yesterday I bought comic-book, star wars, and minion bikini panties which I find quite sexy.

Sexy TMI–Let’s Get Public!

Sexy TMI–Let’s Get Public!



Let’s get our TMI on!

I’m on the hunt, you guys. On the hunt for more content for my blog. My job doesn’t allow me much time for blogging so I want to do little fun memes and shit like that. However, it’s not looking too good for the memes out there. And by that I mean there are so few fucking memes I can’t even do four or five a week. If you know of any memes out there, let me know. If you have any ideas, let me know. For the love of god, give me SOMETHING to write about, because this betch ain’t feeling too creative. I’m fortunate enough, however, to have someone else do the thinking for me, but it’s not always going to be what I want. For this, one of the many times my thinker isn’t working, I give you: the Sexy TMI Tuesday!

On that note, I should probably masturbate tonight. No, that last comment had nothing to do with anything, including the whole “on that note” but my mind went there anyway.
Let’s get some sexy TMI going on in here!


1. Have you ever had sex in front of other people? What were the circumstances? Time for Sexy TMI!

Kinda. I gave a guy a handjob on a bus, I fucked behind a neighbors fence, and I’ve jacked off in front of my window.

2. You are invited to Adult Show & Tell. What is it that you will show and tell.

The book More Than Two, because I accidentally fell into a polyamorous relationship and fucking loved it. Current book I’m reading on the subject.

3. What part of your body do you like to show off?

My butt, though gaining weight has kinda made it a tad droopy

4. What part of the human body do you enjoy looking at the most?

Butts. Girl butts.

5. When you watch porn, what is it that you most enjoy seeing?

Public peeping! So much peeing, so much public. I especially like watching women pee on public benches.


Can you handle this much sexy TMI? I’ll be reviewing almost all of these. Shout-out to the toys you recognize!

As for the picture above, these are the links to the toys I’ve reviewed from that picture.  I may have already reviewed the following, but can you name them by looking at the pictures? (It’s okay to cheat and take a look at the ones I’ve reviewed. I won’t judge you…I’d probably do it too.)

*cough Adam O2 Dual-Density cough*

*cough We-Vibe Pleasure Mates cough*

*cough Tango cough*

*cough Pure Wand cough*

*cough MotorHead by Lovehoney cough*

*cough Lover’s Wand cough*

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Prism VII and Rosa by L’amourose Review

Prism VII and Rosa by L’amourose Review


There’s Two L’amourose in There??

prism_ VII Azure_559x559_

The Prism VII by L’amourose

This is going to be a joint sex toy review of both the Prism VII and the Rosa by L’amourose because I got them together and the g-spot stimulation curve is quite the same as the other. Though one is smaller and stout, and the other is lean and long, the only real difference is the size of the toys and the additional arm of the L’amourose Prism.

I’m going to start with the Rosa, because that was the first toy that I received; the Prism VII was sent to me randomly, something I very much appreciated but wasn’t expecting. I wasn’t planning on writing a review for the Prism VII by L’amourose  toy but I want to because I want to share the good, sexy clitoral and g-spot stimulation that these toys offer.


The Rosa by L’amourose

The Rosa by L’amourose

Allow me to begin by telling you the origins of my interest in the Rosa by L’Amourose…

I first saw this toy on Dangerous Lilly’s blog. I hadn’t heard of this company before because it is quite new but it was a hit among the sex toy reviewers so I had to get my hands on it. The Rosa that I received is not the version that warms up, but that didn’t make me any less impressed with this sex toy.

The Good…


The Rosa by L’amourose is flexible but still stiff enough to provide intense g-spot stimulation.

  • The vibrations of the Rosa are strong and rumbly. I came by using it on my clitoris because they were just too good to pass up.
  • The curve is glorious, as is the curve of the Prism Vii; though Rosa’s is slightly more girthy, resulting in a nice, neat full feeling in my vagina.
  • It’s made out of silicone and is completely waterproof which means that you get to take this sex toy in the shower.
  • I was able to bend the shaft of this sex toy. While I didn’t need to for my pleasure, I know that it will be fitting for some other people.
  • It’s anal safe because it has a flared base which means that it’s not going to get sucked into the black hole that is your asshole.
  • The rumbliness was incredibly pleasurable on my clitoris so this is a wonderful toy for both the g-spot and one’s clitoris (if you have one).

The not-so good…

Honestly, there were not too many things that weren’t good. I feel obligated to come up with something so that you know what you are getting if you decide to purchase this fucking-awesome sex toy. Here it goes:

  • It may be a bit too thick for some peeps, but I’m sure if it’s big enough for a size queen. I guarantee you that the Prism Vii won’t be enough for those of you that like thick things up your ass.
  • I can’t fucking see the buttons. They are SO NOT user friendly. It’s impossible to find them while you’re using the L’amourose Rosa so you need to take it out and fumble around for the buttons that are hard to see. Not cool.

What I learned about my body…

Taking the Rosa out of my vagina in order to find the buttons wasn’t a terrible thing. It prolonged my jack-off session while I watched pee porn so I was still turned on throughout the jack off session. However, that isn’t ideal for every time I jack off, especially when I’m having a difficult time reaching orgasm with the L’Amourose Rosa.

Through the L’amoursoe Rosa I found another g-spot stimulating sex toy that brought me immense pleasure. The Prism vii, review to follow, is now one of my favorites. The Rosa also comes

The boring stuff…

It’s silicone and rechargeable with a classy-as-fuck charging dock on which you can display the toy. You can get Rosa by L’amourose in either pink, greenish-blue like mine is, or black, my favorite color for sex toys.

Onto the Prism by L’Amourose

prism_ VII Sunset_559x559

Boss color of the Prism VII by L’amourose

Allow me to begin this review of the Prism L’Amourose by saying…

That this toy is fucking beautiful. It stands up on it’s own, unlike any other vibrating rabbits I’ve used. It comes in three unique colors and I am so fucking happy that I was sent the royal blue one. I say that black is my favorite color for sex toys but looking at the blush pink, the royal blue, and the red I can’t choose among any of them to be my favorite. The Prism VII by L’amourose was sent to me randomly, after I requested the Rosa. Let me tell you something…come closer…THIS TOY IS THE FUCKING BOMB. It was a wonderful surprise, much like the Nova by We-Vibe was to me in my last package.

Now, I couldn’t find any affiliate links to the Prism VII so I’ll be linking to the Prism V which I’ve also heard wonderful things about.

The Good, The Bad, The Interesting…

The Prism VII pretty much everything the Rosa is, because they’re  similar in both size (width), vibrations, and shape.

prism_ VII Blush_559x559_The Good (of the Prism VII by L’amourose)

  • The Prism VII is slightly slimmer than the Rosa though not by much
  • The curve of the PrismVII by L’amourose hits my g-spot without fail and without the unpleasant “popping” sensation I’ve experienced before.
  • It was long and lean and was easy to insert
  • The rabbit ears hit my clit perfectly so that when I thrust quickly the stiff “rabbit” ears stimulated me enough so that I can with just thrusting (which is not a usual happenstance for me, I might add).
  • I didn’t have to take the Prism VII out of my vagina in order to use it on my clit to reach orgasm. The little wanna-be bunny ears took care of that for me.

The Bad…

I’m grasping for straws here, guys. I feel like it’s my duty to report something that didn’t twix my nethers quite right but quite honestly, there wasn’t anything I wasn’t a fan of.

The Interesting

  • It was totally stiff, unlike the neck of the Rosa that wiggled a tad if you pushed on it hard enough.
  • The vibrations were identical to the Rosa

The Boring shit:

  • 7 Vibration patterns comes with this epic toy; something I didn’t delve too deeply in because I needed constant vibrations in order to ram the rabbit ears properly against my clit.
  • Three awesome colors: Sunset Red, Azure Blue, and Blush Pink
  • SUBMERSIBLE. Yes, that’s right, I do get quite a shitton of use out of the lube I keep by the shower with toys like these two puppies
  • Silicone exterior (quite from the site) though I don’t know what the inside is made out of and I don’t care because these toys perform well and are body-safe.
  • As per usual, remember to use lube for a slicker experience, especially if you’re like me and don’t get wet like ever…

Who would like these toys?

prism_ VII Blush_559x559

Lovers of the g or p-spot stimulation. The curve of both toys was perfect for me and there’s a damn good chance they’ll work for you too. Both of the toys are anal-safe, because of Rosa’s nice big base and the weird-ass bunny ears of the Prism VII.

Think the curve isn’t dramatic enough for your spots? Consider giving the Pure Wand a test run; the curve is one of the two most dramatic I’ve seen (see: Comet II). If this curve seems too dramatic for you the Uma is a safer bet.

Would I use these toys again?

FUCK. YES. That is all.

L’amourose, it was literally my pleasure to review for you. I hope to masturbate with your more of your toys in the near future <3

Did this review help you? I’d love it if you’d consider purchasing your future toys from my affiliates. At no extra cost to you, your purchase supports my blog! Go go go check them out. I wouldn’t list them if I didn’t like them. 



Finding the Time to Blog about Masturbation

Finding the Time to Blog about Masturbation


Let’s masturbate!


Excuse Me While I Go Write About  Masturbation

Dudes and Duttets, both and other, nothing, or something in between who follow my masturbation adventures:

I haven’t been updating my lovely blog about my jacking off adventures, nor have I written sex toy reviews as of late. You probably noticed that and it’s fucking bugging me. I want to give you content and I have plenty to give you I just can’t bring myself to write about the experiences I’m having with the toys given to me in the spirit of masturbation.

Those of you who follow me have seen the different formats I’ve been trying for my blog. Now that I have a new job and a crazy-hectic life, I don’t have time to write or review much. So I’m going to find a way to make all this work. My new format is going to be mini/quickie-reviews that will cover everything you need to know but will go a lot quicker so we can keep getting you quality sex toys. The next post is going to be rather long, once I finally post it, but it’s going to be good, I promise.

I have over 24 toys to masturbate with and then the subsequent posts to write. I’m going to try to throw them out there because I don’t want you to have to wait to find the best sex toy for yourself. Most of them are luxury toys because I want to make sure you don’t waste your hard-earned monies on a shitty luxury toy but I’m also going to branch out a bit and review some much more affordable toys so we can all have a good fucking. I’ve found that the luxury toys are usually better constructed and of better material but something doesn’t have to be metal or wood or something of the sort to be good. It just needs to fit your body and get you the fuck off because you deserve it. Sexuality is the right of everyone and I hope to help you with yours.

In the meantime, check out my affiliates who help make it possible for me to blog about my masturbation adventures. I wouldn’t list them if I didn’t like them so go browse. You may find something you like. As always, check out my earlier reviews; though the formatting differs, it’ll still give you the information you need to make the best decision you can for yourself.

See you soon and happy fucking!


Masturbation! Woot!