Minna kGoal, a Smart PC Fitness Sex Toy

Minna kGoal, a Smart PC Fitness Sex Toy

by Rose

The Game You Play with Your Vag

I have a habit of reviewing weird-ass toys becuase I love to experience unusual sensations, in the hope that you, as a result, will also be able to. The Minna kGoal is one of those weird toys that some people may shy away from. At first glance: whaa–? But once it was in my vag it made perfect sense. The kGoal is like a balloon you stick in your vagina (unfortunately not a helium balloon so you won’t be flying upward with your vag pointed
to the sky, as cool as that would be). Rather, the body of the toy was developed to fit your vagina in order to give you the best pelvic-floor exercise as possible, all catered to your unique vagina.

I first discovered Minna when I was looking for a toy to review in Good Vibrations. I’m fortunate enough to live near several sex toy stores so I’m able to go touch the toys before I try them, whether to choose toys that must be reviewed in order to get you to shy away from them. *cough* Princessa *cough* It wasn’t the kGoal by Minna that I discovered first, but the Ola, a toy that left me stupefied. Just like the Ola responds to your touch, the kGoal responds to the pressure which your PC muscles squeeze. Genius.

What makes the kGoal so amazing, besides the construction of the toy, is that it the Minna kGoal comes with an app to guide you. However, the kGoal by Minna’s app is an exercise program that guides you through the preset exercises that give you visual feedback as you squeeze. The kGoal provides tactile feedback and a workout summary to track your progress.

Some other features of the app

  • Reminders to exersize on the days that you select.
  • Tactile feedback with vibrations that you can limit to the body of the toy or the body plus the arm so that it vibrates again your clitoris.
  • Workout score history so that you can track your progress over a period of time.
  • kGoal connects wirelessly via bluetooth to your phone.


  • You can also turn off the vibrations in the Squeeze Pillow via the app (you can choose to enable both motors, or either motor, or no motors, in which case there will only be visual biofeedback)
  • The Comfort Vent (how you control the inflation level) is fully submersible, as long as you don’t actively open the vent while it is under water. The Indicator Light (where the USB charging cable plugs in) is the only section that is merely splash-resistant – the rest is fully water-proof.

The least amount of work you’ll do with this toy is ex-flating (so a word) the balloon in order to insert the toy, and then release the button that was restricting the balloon from inflating. This allows the kGoal to fine-tune itself to your vagina, in order to give you the best workout possible.

Would I Use the kGoal Again?

Absolutely. While I loved the Luna Beads,  the kGoal is more practical and gives me feedback, something Ben-Wa balls cannot do. In fact, I may have it in me right now. Possibly.

Who would like the kGoal?

Unlike the Luna Balls, which I found to be troublesome if I were to release my PC muscles, the kGoal Minna stayed in place, even while I moved around. Most of all, because of it’s construction with the arm and the balloon keeping it snug, I found it easy to keep inside of me and move with it in me when I, say, cleaned the house. For those of us with vagina’s who find it difficult to keep Kegel balls inside of us, the kGoal is a solution to that. While the kGoal is not cheap–not by a long shot–it is both functional and effective in order to get you to exercise regularly, with both prompts from the app and the games that made squeezing my PC muscles fun.

Minna, thank you for sending me this toy. It was a pleasure reviewing for you and I’m thrilled that your toy rocked my socks. I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be using this toy for years to come. (Without an awkward penguin walk.)

You can get the kGoal by Minna at Good Vibrations.


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I’m Back and Full of Psych Meds with no Shame

by Rose

It’s been over three months since I last posted, and I apologize for that. A lot has happened during that time. I got a full-time job as a manager and then I quit. I got a new job and I was let go. Temp work has been coming and going and throughout this time I’ve had very little interest in sex, though I did get a male partner and fucked my little heart out without one orgasm. That ended somewhat quickly, after he said he wouldn’t date me b/c I’m on so many psychiatric medications. I’m still friends with him because I’m friends with all his roommates, but that was majorly fucked up.

I have since ended it with him because I respect myself too much to lend my body to him. But, now I’m back, peeps! And I’m going to fuck my little heart out so I have content for you all. I have mountains of notes from when I was interested in sex so I just need another test run with le toys and then I can write super-fucking-awesome reviews for you!

Are you excite? Well, get excite because most of the toys I have  for review don’t suck, though there was one toy that came with a condescending note from the manufacturer. Not cool, bro. Not cool. Little things like that really do affect the experience I have with that toy. You’ll see the note soon enough and I think you’ll be as appalled as I was when I opened the package and read their little opinion on how I should write my review.

Anywhoo, I have fun things in store for you and I hope you’re as excite as I am to read and–in my case, fuck–these toys for you. Long live my vagina, and I hope to help make your genitals as happy as mine often are.

Go fuck yourself <3

Tantus Feeldoe Review

Tantus Feeldoe Review

by Rose

finally have the Tantus Feeldoe!


Zomg you guys, I finally have the Tantus Feeldoe. I had my eye on the Tantus Feeldoe, a double dildo that I’ve been drooling over for years. I didn’t have a partner to use it  on but I soon found out that partner is not necessary to enjoy this toy.

The Tantus Feeldoe original is a vibrant purple that was somewhat off-putting because it reminded me of one of those bouncy balls you get from a $.25 machine, but by no means is that a reason not to have one. Now, you’ll know by now that I flippin’ hate the bullet vibrators that come with a dildo that has a space hollowed out for a bullet to transform it into a vibrator. However, the Tango fit right in there with a little lube to make it easier to slip it in and out. You’ll remember that the Tango is my absolute favorite bullet and it fit like a glove in the Tantus Feeldoe. Once that was taken care of, I was able to enjoy some hands-off stimulation.

Using the Tantus Feeldoe on Myself:

I found that if I stood in the shower with the Tantus Feeldoe in me, when I thrust against my hand the inner bulb pressed against my g-spot. And, because the bulb isn’t too long, it didn’t get near my cervix and nestled against my g-spot.

Because I didn’t have a partner that I could fuck in the ass (Or vag…or mouth)I experimented with different ways to get myself off with the Feeldoe. I was never one to masturbate on my stomach like a lot of women do, but I laid down with it in me and rocked up and down. Oh. My. God. I’m a fucking genius. You’ll see that the base of the shaft of the external part of the Feeldoe has ridges; ridges that feel amazing to thrust up against your clit with. The movement of the shaft of the toy that is meant to go into your partner(s) kept the toy inside me but when I planked (think: yoga) I thrust against the bed so that the bulb inside of me moved. I’m so clever. For that matter, standing up and doing a lazy sort-of jumping jacks created a unique sensation that is difficult to describe. It was something along the lines of what I felt as I thrust in-and-out with a g-spotter.

In a harness like the Joque that has an opening in the back, I was able to keep it in me with no difficultly while I thrust against a pillow. Zomg. I’m, once again, a fucking genius. It doesn’t take a partner to use this toy, just an active imagination, a floor, a harness, and/or a pillow. And an orifice. That too, though it doesn’t matter which one you use because this toy is anal-safe (so shove it up your ass, peeps!).

Now, I don’t have the strongest PC muscles but I found that the Joque Harness held it in place without me worrying about clenching in order to keep it in me when I was standing. However, fucking myself with a double dildo on my stomach didn’t require PC muscles to do anything other than clench inadvertently with my body as I rubbed against the shaft.


It’s such sticky silicone, you guys, like, not comfy. The silicone eats up the lube like a mofo. But, hey, I’m a sex toy reviewer so I have a bunch of lube available. If you’re going to play with this toy, make sure there’s enough lube to reapply on both ends for comfort. (I’m a strong believer in lube…and lube… and more lube.)

In this case, the half of the dildo that was to penetrate a receiving partner was too skinny for my liking. Fortunately there’s an easy fix to that: butt plugs. I kid you not, shoving something in my ass and keeping it there while I thrust makes my vag tighter and the toy fit more snugly inside of me.


The ingenuity of the design is a masterpiece. Tantus knew what they were doing when they made this double ended dildo, even throwing a little sleeve in there for a bullet of your choice to ride along. While many double ended dildos are long and thin on both ends, this bulb sat in my vag, all tight and happy content to hang out while I thrusted.

Moral of the story:


Close-up of the ridges

If you find yourself without a partner and in possession of this toy, have no fear! Like the Stronic Zwei, it can be used in a super-lazy way for those of you who want some hands-free fucking.

Let’s say you like this…

I’d consider investing in a harness just for kicks; not because you need one but because it’d add a little variety to the fucking session and this double ended dildo can nestle in one safe and sound (while the other half nestles in their ass/vag/mouth). That being said, the Tantus Feeldoe doesn’t need a harness, but it is possible to use with a harness.

The Tantus Feeldoe (I have the original) comes in various sizes for both ends:

Probs not for you?

The Feeldoe is my first double dildo and I was honored to have Tantus’ toy pop my double-dildo cherry, so I have nothing to compare this toy to. There are, however, bits of the toy that you can take away. Let’s say you’re looking for something g-spotty like the short end of the Feeldoe offers, even though it doesn’t have much of a curve, then you may want to consider something larger like the Adam O2; a dual-density toy (for funsies!) that is nice and stout like the end of the Feeldoe that the person wearing the Feeldoe inserts into themselves. If you want something insanely dramatic then I suggest you try the Comet 2 or the Pure Wand. I mention the two of those because the Feeldoe gave me nearly the same stimulation as the two of them.

If you’re looking for something long and lean then you may want to consider the Uncut #1, one of their biggest hits. While I have not tried that toy there are loads of other sex bloggers that rave about this toy. If you have a partner, this toy rocks; if you don’t have a partner, this toy rocks even more ’cause you get to be a lazy bum, like I am more often than not.

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Go get the Feeldoe. Go get it! GO GET IT!

Lovehoney Tracey Cox Supersex G-Spot Vibrator

Lovehoney Tracey Cox Supersex G-Spot Vibrator


Supersex G-Spot Vibrator Rox My Sox

Lovehoney is by far my favorite sex toy shop ever and OH MY GOD they sent me moar toys. I’ve reviewed the Tracey Cox Supersex Rabbit toy already in black, my favorite sex toy color, and this hit the spot, just like the rabbit counterpart did. The Tracey Cox Supersex Rabbit Vibrator is by far my favorite rabbit and I’m so happy that I accepted it. Lovehoney has now given me a total of three rabbits and I’ve loved every one of them. In fact, they gave me my first rabbit, so they have a very special place in my vagina. Really, the only difference between the Tracey Cox Supersex Rabbit Vibrator and the Tracey Cox Supersex G-Spot Vibrator is that one has a rabbit arm and the other doesn’t.

When I first got the Supersex G-Spot vibrator I almost jizzed my panties. Like, sploosh. I get so fucking excited for anything g-spotty. When I was with a (now) ex-boyfriend I had the pleasure of finding my g-spot with him and ever since then my g-spot and a-spot have been my favorite parts of my vagina/vulva to be stimulated, even more than my clit, though right now I can’t come with g-spot/a-spot stimulation alone. However, one day that will change and I’ll squirt like a fucking fountain. That’s my ultimate sex goal.

As usual, this toy is well made, just like the rest of the Tracey Cox Supersex sex toy line that I’ve reviewed and, for that matter, pretty much all of their toys. The sizing was absolutely perfect. If I had used this toy when I first started out,  I would have been surprised by the head and somewhat hesitant, being that it is larger than the shaft. Have no fear, my lovely fuck bunnies, the head is tapered so it slides in smoothly and the silicone is velvety soft, though it does require a fair amount of lube. The head being larger than the shaft was actually pretty fucking amazing. My vagina closed around the shaft, putting more pressure on my g-spot.

The silicone shaft is flexible and, though I didn’t need it to be, it may work for some people. Now, as far as the vibrations go, they are incredibly buzzy. I prefer rumbles like the Mona or the Nova/Rave. The buttons are beyond easy to use. To turn it on you press a button. To turn it off you press the same button. This may not seem like an awesome feature, but it really is, for that moment when your roommate knocks on your door and you have to turn it off immediately to avoid intense embarrassment (unless they’re coming to join then GO FUCK THEM WITH THIS. All of Fun Factories toys have this feature so I was thrilled that this toy has a quick on/off button. Me like.IMG_7050

Who Would like this toy?


Big-ass handle of the Lovehoney Tracey Cox Supersex G-Spot vibrator with a large head and a thin neck

Someone who likes being able to thrust as deep as they’d like. This toy gives you more opportunities to rummage around your vagina to find the right spot. While I didn’t like the vibrations, it’s quite cool that they carry on through the WHOLE toy from handle to the tip of the g-spotting curve.

What I learned about my body by using the Lovehoney Tracey Cox Supersex G-Spot Vibrator


Sharp but soft curve of the Tracey Cox Supersex Vibrator that hit my g-spot

I was astounded how similar this is to it’s rabbit counterpart, and that isn’t a bad thing, considering how much of loved that little bunny. I found that this toy allowed me more options and more depth and angles with which to explore my whole vagina. It was similar to the Satisfy Me dildo that I was sent quite a while ago. The head is very different from the Satisfy Me dildo but that’s what makes the two of them so similar while being so awesome and unique.

Don’t think you’ll like the Lovehoney Tracey Cox Supersex G-Spot vibrator?

There are many options for g-spotters; some more intense than the others. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t vibrate but does offer g-spot stimulation, consider trying Lovehoney’s Satisfy Me dildo, the toy that made me realize I could experience pleasure without coming. The Rosa is somewhat similar to the Lovehoney Tracey Cox Supersex G-Spot Vibrater in the sense that it gives dramatic g-spot stimulation. The Rosa, however, is a hard-core version of this. I mention it because, while the Super Sex G-S
pot Vibrator by Lovehoney stimulates my g-spot, the vibrations are quite buzzy, while the Rosa is rumbly.

Would I recommend the Supersex G-Spot Vibrator?


The g-spot stimulating curve of the Tracey Cox Supersex G-Spot Vibrator

If you’re looking for something with rumbly vibrations, this may not be the right vibrator for you. While the vibrations were too buzzy for me, it may be what you’re looking for, considering how powerful the vibrations are. The shape, however, is something that worked with my body and I absolutely loved the way it was made. Consider the Rosa by L’amorous, also available at Lovehoney’s website.

Why Lovehoney is Awesome and so is the Tracey Cox Supersex G-Spot Vibrator

Here’s the dealio with Lovehoney; they offer their customers a 365 day return policy, so you truly can’t go wrong. If this isn’t the right toy for your body then try another one. I’ve reviewed a shitton of Lovehoney’s toys including some crotchless panties, and most of them are absolutely amazing.

Lovehoney, it was my pleasure to review for you. I look forward to the next one <3

Win The Newest We-Vibes Nova and Rave!

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